Scribbly Gum!



Here it is - my first post! If any of you remember this Ting Ministries contest you'll remember that me and Hannah did this painting. The final title we chose for our masterpiece is "Scribbly Gum." I love Hannah's side of the painting that's so nice, pink, and pretty...I did the big, black strokes! Now, I know what you're thinking - what is scribbly gum? 

Ready to learn something cool? It's a type of Australian tree! I know, what a silly name for a tree right? It was sent in by our missionary friends in China (they are from Australia). 

This is just the first of many pieces of Art for Orphans I'll be sharing on my blog and facebook. If you are interested in buying another copy of "Scribbly Gum" let me know! I'd be so glad to share my art with you. This painting costs $30 (to cover printing and shipping costs). Just think - one day, when I'm (even more) famous, you can say you knew me when I was just starting out! How cool is that?!!

Gotta go - but I'll be back soon! Don't forget to leave your comments below!


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