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Congratulations - if you've come to this page, you get to learn more about me. Here's a list of ten things you should know!

My Top 10 List of Things You Should Know about Me:

1. I talk all. the. time. My deafness doesn't affect my vocal tone and I love to tell everyone about my day, my, family, what I'm eating, what movie I'm watching...you get the picture. My deafness has made me more expressive and not only do I talk with my voice, I use Sign Language and body/facial expressions to get my point across. (And trust me - I get it across).
2. I love sports! Just like my deafness doesn't stop me from talking, my cerebral palsy doesn't keep me from doing what I love. Mostly, I love  gymnastics, and have been taking lessons and doing shows for several years. (My mom was a gymnast and a coach and she passed on her love of the sport to me!) Sometimes, I think I can walk on my hands better than my feet. I also love soccer (my daddy was a coach), diving, swimming and more! In the summer, you can find me at the pool with my goggles. 
3. The higher, the faster, more exciting, the better! I can't wait to grow taller so I can go on every ride at Hershey Park. And don't get me started on bumper cars or the slip-trak. 
4. I have extra senses. Really. I'm very observant and watch everything going on around me. I'll copy anything you do - just ask my sister Hannah. Or my mom It's like having your personal shadow to follow you around 24/7.
5. I listen with my heart. I guess this goes along with number 4. Sometimes, I think people don't realize I understand as much as I do because of my disabilities. I'm actually very sensitive to your feelings. If you want to be friends, I'll welcome you with a hug - but I can tell when you don't want to be around me or take me seriously. Don't worry - I'll still want to be your friend anyway. 
6. Something you can learn from me: How to be an unconditional friend. I'll teach you - ready? Step one: Smile and wave (at everyone). Step two: Share your snacks. Step three: Always get excited to see someone (even if you just saw them an hour ago). It makes people feel special. Step four: Repeat every day.
7. Also something you can learn from me: how to love life! I get as excited over going to the grocery store as I would going on an all-expense-paid vacation. This outlook on life is very useful - it means life is never boring! 
8. I'm an artist and an engineer. I like legos and paint with equal enthusiasm. On this blog, I'll be selling my artwork to help orphans and Ting Ministries. If you have artwork you'd like to share for the orphan - let me  know!
9. I love to hear from friends and fans! If you have any questions about my art, my story, or you just want to say hi, you can write to me at: I am Ellianna, 904 State Drive, Lebanon PA 17042. Or email me at: tingministries@comcast.net, re: I am Ellianna. Or, leave a comment on my blog or Facebook page! Who knows - I might feature your question on my blog or write back to thank you!
10. I am the "Ting" of Ting Ministries. I have six other sisters and we were all adopted from different countries, and have special-needs. This is why I started this blog - I want to share my story with others and be a Voice for the Voiceless. I hope every child can have a family like I do. Please visit Ting Ministries here!


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